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Round table A on demand reduction – Deputy Secretary of UN — Formal Opening of HLR

Great pleasure and honor to address HLR of CND on behalf of Ban Ki Moon.  Important to hear voices of young and see the young and be reminded of our responsibilities at this important meeting.  Always carry with me the UN Charter.  First three words is “We the People”.  We are here to serve the people, many suffering not least due to the plague we are discussing at this important meeting.  CND is important part of preparing for UNGASS 2016.  JMS statement “you have toyed with so long.”  Very important to our response to the WDP.  What has worked and what has not in dealing with drug scourge.  Must not shy away with dealing with innovative perspectives and approaches.  UN and UNODC stand ready to play an active role in facilitating global cooperation on this crucially important issue.  Illicit drugs affect all of us directly and indirectly.  Men and women are denied productive lives and are languishing in prisons.  I thank the Queen of Sweden for bringing parents grandparents voices to this hall t.  Drug trafficking fuels criminal networks.  US $ 320 billion value.  No nation can escape impact.  Search for and forge effective solution.  Illicit drug market weakens rule of law and undermines stability. Corrupts institutions and democratic societies.  Illicit drugs hurt the poorest and most vulnerable.  Victims scarred b violence and social and economic inclusion.  New dangers from NPS that strain public health services around the world.  Threat so severe that UN Security council has recognized implications on peace an security.  Mandates to deal with drug trafficking and organized crime as part of establishing peace and security.  Effective and system wide approach to meet drug challenge.

Response of UN is firmly rooted in principles of 3 conventions.  protection of health and welfare and protection of HR through rule of law.  Globally, implementation has been uneven and incomplete.
We can all do better, individually as nations and collectively through international cooperation.  conventions legal basis for our work, important for us to remember that MS can take action on the basis of conventions to promote public health and economic and social progress.  Balance supply and reduction strategies.  Demand is fueling violence.  Consumer countries must do more to reduce demand.  Impact on producer and transit countries.  Supply side.  rampant violence undermines democratic institutions from West Africa, americas and beyond.  working together countries must adopt conventions to tackle these problems.  Cross border operations, enhance arms operations.  Supply reduction must be done in compliance with fundamental human rights.  Integrated and balanced responses to drug problem must consider alternatives to criminalization and incarceration.  Serious criminals are traffickers and syndicates.  Confront drug production and trafficking wherever it occurs.  We must also provide most vulnerable with hope and new opportunities. This includes sustainable livelihoods, access to education and appropriate social services.  Public health is imperative.  Prevention and treatment of drug use disorders including HIV infections.  Must also ensure equal access to controlled medicines aligned with HR standards.  All people have right to alleviation of serious pain but that is certainly not the case.

In closing, I know that drug issue is difficult and controversial  many of you have genuine honest difference so of view. in how to address.  Serious discussions most appropriate methods. Searching for consensus in international consensus is a challenge and imperative for us all.  Include representatives of CS in our discussion.  Provide a wide range of perspectives and help raise awareness among media and public.  Sincerely appeal to public and to you to work in spirit of cooperation and shared responsibility.  UN system stands ready to arrest  you as you prepare for 2016.  We are not only saying no to drugs, we are also saying yes to development to health, to human rights, to rule of law, to a life of dignity for all.

Please click here to read the full statement:  http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/6986c5da-5012-4085-a5e3-fd2da2b74914

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