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Round table A on demand reduction – Ambassador of Sri Lanka Aziz on behalf of Group of 77 and China

Full support of Group of 77 and China for HLS.  Since 2009 adoption of Plan of Action (POA), goals and targets.  World Drug Problem (WDP) remains a common and shared responsibility.  Effective and enhanced regional cooperation to counter problem.  Integrated multidisciplinary, mutually reinforcing approach to Demand and Supply.  Necessary to understand social and economic drivers of WDP.

Need for predictable, effective, sustainable assistance including adequate resources to Member States to further enhance ability to counter WDP and improve national drug strategies and methods.  Unwavering commitment to ensure that should be in conformity with UN Charter and international human rights with full respect for sovereignty and principle of non-intervention.  Places great importance on 3 conventions as well a values and principles in Plan of Action adopted in 2009 as an important tool to address WDP.  Reaffirms commitment of effective implementation of POA through HLR to assess progress made.  Group supports adoption of JMS during high level segment.  Group expresses deep concern and pays special tribute to law enforcement and judicial personnel who have sacrificed their lives and civil society personnel who have dedicated themselves to addressing this phenomenon.  Support integrated and sustainable crop control strategies, and to PAD programs, eradication, law enforcement in order to prevent, reduce cultivation of crops.  Should lead to sustainable strategies in consolidating sustainable development viable economic alternatives as part of strategy against poverty to reaffirm commitment to MDGs. Emphasize importance of efforts of civil society cooperation schemes and national initiatives including citizen participation.

Strengthen regional and international cooperation to support Preventive Alternative Development (PAD) as an essential part of crop control strategies to increase positive outcomes in areas where illicit crops.  UN guiding principles on Alternative Development (AD).  International community to implement AD including PAD.  Welcomes ongoing efforts to share programs that facilitate and protect production products stemming from PAD products, including marketing tools.  Group is concerned about use of women and girls to transport drugs, violation of human rights and dignity.  Shift of trafficking routs and trends.  Need to address internet trafficking and e-services.  Measures to counter emerging challenges.  International cooperation crucial to counter WDP.  Further enhance capacity of developing countries through technical assistance in particular law enforcement and health to fight production and trafficking.  Group of 77 and China recognizes need to enhance availability for medical purposes …internationally applicable HR principles and WHO standards as well as treatment including access to medication.

Importation, exportation of synthetic opioid analgesics in particular tramadol a concern.  Need to monitor patterns of tramadol continue along with UNODC and INCB and WHO sharing and exchanging info on emerging trends and challenges.  Appropriate measures may be undertaken to prevent  non-medical use and misuse of these systems while ensuring availability for med and scientific use…appropriate measures to reduce non-medical use.  Trafficking and diversion of precursors remains a challenge.  Increasing trend toward abuse of synthetic drugs further exacerbates the problem.  balance policies on precursor control with a view to preventing role in illicit manufacture of deus.  don’t impact licit use of precursors.  Develop strategies to limit health sand social risks of opioids such as ketamine not under international control.  Continues to threaten health of youth in many countries.  Illicit cultivation of opium, cocoa and cannabis, etc. a major challenge to WDP.  Threaten AD etc.
Broad system of primary prevention and intervention recommended.

Please click here to read the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/feee32f5-cebd-4ed0-90c0-d7360220a0ac

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