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Roundtable on countering money laundering report

Thank all those who participated.  Speakers expressed concerns about scale of illicit financial flows from drug trafficking.  Proceeds to banking system and informal and formal transfer systems.  Highlighted disruption of financial flows is a major component in disrupting transnational organized crime.  FATF recommendations useful in combating illicit financial flows.  Anti-money laundering legal framework.
 Financial intelligence unit, dedicated unit, special investigative techniques, trained judiciary.  Close connection between drug trafficking, corruption and money laundering.  Insufficient resources.  Lack of confiscation expertise.  Offshore financial centers increasing.  Importance of international judicial cooperation.  At regional level where countries share common concerns and challenges.  Work carried out by UNODC in establishing regional networks to facilitate cooperation such as west african central authorities acknowledged.  Flexible and timely approach for international judicial cooperation related to non-coercive measures and identification and confiscation of assets.  Establishment of competent national authorities and their role as points of contact. Development of guidelines and confiscation of criminal assets.

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