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High Level Segment – Sierra Leone Statement

Greetings from Sierra Leone, Gem of West Africa.  Affirm commitment to PD and POA of 2009.  SL is cooperating fully with UNODC interpol and ? to implement WA coast initiative to implement ECOES Action plan.  Same thematic areas of Demand Reduction, Supply reduction and international cooperation.  So far SL is most progressive and successful state implementing this in West Africa.  Trans orga crime unit known as TOCU?  Challenges in treatment and rehab and alternative development and lack of legislation in cybercrime etc.  Call on UNODC to help us challenge areas.  SL will surely respect and implement collective decision insofar as laws and resources permit.  Does not have a drug crime death penalty.  Put a moratorium on its use until it is replaced with appropriate and internationally accepted punishment.

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