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High Level Segment – Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan cooperates internationally. We will work with other countries. Want to develop a fuller arsenal in the fight against drugs. Want to discuss effective approaches with other organisations and work together of projects. Regionally, there are bilateral agreements with Turkey and Iran respectively. Will improve legislation on interception of drugs. Have adopted a new national programme to counter trafficking. Promoting healthy life styles, want to create an environment of disapproval. Sports complexs have been built. Over 9000 meetings about drugs have been arranged in the past year. Many articles — promoting healthy life styles — have been published in the last year. Many drugs have been seized and destroyed. Illicit drug trafficking has reduced and prices have gone up. Precursors have been monitored effectively and diversion and smuggling have been minimised. in 2004 a new law was passed. It defines the legal basis on the control of drugs. During a major 2013 operation, teams did a major sweep. The next stage is underway. Methamphetamine has not been seized in Turkmenistan. We are following financial guidelines to counter laundering. Created a financial monitoring directorate. Will implement all of its international commitments.

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