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High Level Segment – Statement by Finland

The debate must be transparent and inclusive. Harm reduction is crucial and it has not hindered our implementation of the drug control system. Those who need help have right to treatment and harm reduction. Harm reduction is effective. These should be low threshold, OST, NSP, etc. have improved health. HIV infections decreased to 3 new cases last year. This has also reduced drug-related criminality and increased security. We have worked with our NGO community. Low-threshold services are important and effective. But we need to improve our services, increase the gender perspective (including sexual minorities).

We work on targeted prevention. We focus the right law enforcement activities in the right place and at the right times. We work in collaboration with police, customs and guards to make a common situational picture.

On joint crime investigations, we work with other countries with joint investigation teams. The investigation becomes more efficient and this sis successful.

We regret that in the negotiations of the JMS there were issues that were un-addressed, including the issue of the death penalty.

We have health, social and law enforcement cooperation. We welcome the new focus on health at CND. Health and well being are best supported across all sectors, and on a human rights based approach.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/374bb60f-eb8f-43ed-b7e0-77df39fbb264

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