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Thursday morning Plenary Statement by Poland

Condemns lack of will to eliminate capital punishment.  Advocates protection of rights of psychoactive substance users.  Using drugs is defined as a complex phenomenon.  In recent years, concerted efforts to prevent by means alternative to penal systems.  Balance between drug demand and supply reduction has given way to evidence based treatment programs.  A great deal of evidence from scientific research — focus on intervention, harm reduction, disease prevention, public health protection.  Cost effective, and fits with human rights protection.  Help, foster, and protect rights.  Respecting human rights is one of the key aspects of drug policy.
Simple conclusion is that drug users are equal members of society. 2009 world report urged international community to address rights of drug dependent people globally. Now there is a shift from drug users to traffickers. UNODC 2010 report says we must move human rights to mainstream of drug control.  Millions of children are sent to jail, not to treatment.  Failing to respect human rights yields negative consequences for NPS  users and community as a whole.  Human rights protection in drug policy must be stressed.  Not fully reflected in legal instruments.  International law lacks instruments to protect fundamental rights of drug users.  Only exception is UN Convention on rights of Chld.  HRW report on violations with drug enforcement actions.  (lists HR violations related to enforcement). new concerns in Poland are use of NPS, poly drug use as well as prescription drugs, relationships between chemical and behavioral addiction.  Poland welcomes UN promoting HR of psychoactive substance users…lists rights.  (freedom of movement, privacy, etc.)  Emphasize health organization..have paved the way for new standards in health policy.  Highlight need to widen cooperation with civil society and NGO in field of drug prevention.  Prerequisite for effective reduction of negative consequences of drug use.  (Full statement will be posted tonight)

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