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UNGASS resolution deadlock

Chair – L2 – L14, except the one on UNGASS preparation L10.

Special session of the General Assembly on the world drug problem to be held in 2016 E/CN.7/2014/L.10

Chair of CND takes over as Chair of Cow: Ambassador Shamaa

There has been extensive discussions on this text. There has been a lot of work in informal and formals about it. We must do this in a manner as soon as humanly possible, otherwise we’ll be in a situation which is inhumanely
Mexico: Our ambassador is on his way. He would like to take the floor. He is not here right now.

Will introduce the changes that are our

After discussions yesterday. We decided to work on paragraph 6, in the draft paragraph 14. Speaking on behalf of Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Mexico.  Will replace paragraph six. And there are elements of paragraph 14.

Paragraph 6 should be changed and split into two

Decides that the special session on the world drug problem of 2016 will have an inclusive preparatory process with extensive substantive consultations allowing organs, entities and specialised agencies on the UN system, relevant international and regional organisations, civil society and other relevant stakeholders to fully contribute to this process in accordance with the relevant rules of procedure and established practice.

Further decides that the CND, as the central policy making body within the UN system dealing with drug-related matters, shall lead this process, including by addressing all organisational and substantive matters , in an open-ended manner and invites the President of the General Assembly in consultation with Member States and with the assistance of the Secretariat o promote consultations in support of this process.

Reaffirms its decision in resolution 67/193 of 20 december 2012 to conduct the special  Session and its preparatory process from within existing regular budget resources and invites member states and other donors to provide extra-budgetary resources for this purpose,

Also a slight change of the title.

Chair: turn attention to paragraph 6

Canada: clarification: the term secretariat, is it interpretive challenges, NY or Vienna.

Secretariat: The Vienna is part of the secretariat in NY. So no interpretive challenges.

Nicaragua: We’re happy that something could be decided. That’s one thing. We’re concerned however, in terms of additions inclusions made by other delegations. The new paragraph changes the whole panorama. We’re not prepared to accept it as it appears now.

Chair: 10 minute break for delegations to consider the new words.

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