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Yuri Fedotov at press conference

Yuri Fedotov: The civil society contributions to the discussion of the High Level Review have been useful. A health based approach respectful with human rights needs to be encouraged.
We call the governments to move away from compulsory treatment. We must encourage drug international cooperation.

Question: How can the UN pretend that there is a consensus?

It’s a broad consensus.

The consensus about death penalty is clear. There is nothing in the UN Convention that backs it.

Question: Will Uruguay be an isolated case?

I do not see any group of countries that would like to follow Uruguay. It’s hard to say, but I don’t see a trend.

Question: In the US there is a trend. Has a discussion began internally in the UN?

I don’t see a trend.

In the implementation of the political declaration there has been some success and some failures. Drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Question: Mass violations of human rights.

The system allow us to check any penny spent and to check that there is no money spend in dealth penalty, including Iran.

Question: Uruguay

Uruguay has confirmed his commitment with the conventions. For me it was hard to say if the regulation of cannabis in Uruguay is in the frame of the conventions.

We rely on the good intentions of the countries to implement the international treaties.

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