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CND Day 2 – Plenary Session Presentation of Item 10

Agenda item 10

Item 10 is – other matters. Main item is that the CND is to provide a substantial contribution to ECOSOC (The Economic and Social Council) theme of 2015: ‘Managing the transition from Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals’. Commission will provide to ECOSOC a substantial contribution to this theme by 29thof May 2015, following an invitation from President of ECOSOC. 

From 2016, CND to include standing item on contributions to work on ECOSOC. Following the development of the poverty elimination targets previously contained in MDG, it is clear that development goals cannot be achieved without confronting transnational organised crime, corruption and drug trafficking. SDG’s are a departure from MDG. MDG were vertical whilst SDG aim to be more transformative.

The SDG’s focus on sustainability, as well as poverty and inequality. The contribution of CND to ECOSOC is fundamental on achieving this holistic approach. Intervention in poverty should target the world drug problem.

UNODC will assist ECOSOC and the SDG’s by providing its expertise.  Solutions to transnational crime cannot be dealt with by one country. It requires co-operation.

9 regional programmes have been launched by UNODC in past few years. These can tackle both the causes and symptoms of trafficking problems. UNODC will seek to contribute to fully streamline drug enforcement efforts.

Local government must also betaken into consideration as mega-cities emerge. Mega cities are often larger than nation states and will be essential to combatting poverty and drug trafficking.

The SDG’s will open a bridge between development and drug control.

No statements from the floor today. Contributions to be sent in writing.

Delegates to send input in writing to secretariat before May.

Conclusion on Agenda matters 7 and Agenda matters 10.

The plenary has exhausted its matters to be addressed. Chairman proposes that there will be no plenary meeting tomorrow morning. Plenary will meet at 3pm.

Meeting suspended.

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