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Committee of the Whole – Introduction of resolutions

Netherlands will chair the CoW.

Six meetings from this afternoon through Tuesday morning.  Commission will consider draft resolutions before they are submitted to the plenary.  Twelve resolutions means we have to approve on average two resolutions per meeting to meet the goal. 

Revised texts cannot be taken up in plenary the following morning. Financial implications — 48 hours needed by Secretariat to decide.

Titles and availability of resolutions.  11 draft resolution and one draft decision. 

  • 2 on Improving governance and financial situation of UNODC
  • Supporting availability etc. of evidence based treatment and care of young people
  • Drug analysis laboratories
  • Promoting intervention on young people and children from drug sales over the internet.
  • Alternative development
  • Supporting public health and justice systems
  • Strengthening international cooperation
  • Strengthening cooperation with academia to strengthen collaboration on WDP etc.
  • Special session — UNGASS —
  • Promoting use of electronic system INCB
  • International cooperation in responding to NPS
  • Available on Commission website in six official languages.

L-11.  Special session on the GA resolution has been tabled by Chair of 58th session.  Has entrusted the Board for facilitating negotiations and smooth adoption. Will not take this resolution up in this committee.

L-2.  Improving governance and financial situation of UNODC. 

L 3 Improving governance and financial situation of UNODC and extending working group etc…Islamic republic of Iran and Spain.  based on recommendations of working group 12 Jan 2015.  Introduced at FINGOV March meeting.  Propose that they are taken up by plenary under relevant agenda item 3.  Can we all agree?  Decided.

L-4.  Informal consultations still ongoing according to sponsors.  Israel.  Finalising and will have revised draft soon.  Postpone for now.
L-5. Role of drug analysis laboratories worldwide and promoting results. 

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