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Committee of the Whole – L 5. Promoting the role of drug analysis laboratories worldwide and reaffirming the importance of the quality of the analysis and results of such laboratories

Sponsored by Latvia on behalf of EU.
Finland. Two informals in the last few days. Decided that it is ready to bring to CoW.  Based on resolutions starting from 2007.

Title passed.
Pakistan. Go page by page.  No comments on first page so go to next page. No comments on P. 2.  P. 2 — second para from top.  Acknowledging that one of the strategic goals of the UNODC is to increase the capacity and improve the performance of drug analysis… (added numbers of documents to the footnotes — Finland —)  Pakistan would like the titles of the documents in the texts itself.  Chair accepted.  Follow up para.  on protection on human rights.  Have a new formulation …Emphasising the importance of ensuring the quality and reliability of the results of drug analysis laboratories and especially emphasising the quality and reliability of such results are a matter of protecting human rights/ and fundamental freedom and ensuring public safety.”  Pakistan wants to take out and say “and ensuring effective law enforcement.”
Finland doesn’t agree.  talks about “reliability” of such results.  Not about law enforcement or administerial sector.  Doesn’t refer to site.  Just the reliability.  Reliability and quality serve different sectors.   Public health, social services, wherever we might need good quality results.  Convict right people, innocent people go free.  Know medical condition of person for treatment.  Not just a question of law enforcement.  Need broader scope.  That is why referring to human rights. 
Latvia. Supporting Finland.  Meant to be a comprehensive para.  Not merely for law enforcement. 
US.  Impact of unreliable results.  Cases that have to be overturned.  Goes to fundamental freedoms, right to a fair trial, right to present a defense.  Supports language as drafted.
Pakistan.  Add effective law enforcement to the list.  Suggest adding “ensuring effective law enforcement.”  No more comments.

Operative paras.
Canada.  OP5, just to streamline the language about types of substances.  A lot of discussion about how to categorise substances.  “Invites MS to ensure that, where appropriate, samples of the most common internationally controlled substances, inter alia, heroin, cocaine, cannabis, and amphetamines, and NPS, etc.…” 
Pakistan. Second line of OP 5  either “commonly abused drugs or common illicit drugs”
Morocco No merit to have “inter alia” heroin etc.  Delete substances.  Proposing other language.  
Japan.  Clarification.  “Samples”? Seized samples, or standard samples?  We should draft carefully to avoid misunderstanding. 
US. We would like to see the word “illicit” —talking about pharmaceuticals because they are not illicit.  Go back to Canadian language.
Latvia. Support Canadian language.  Derives from informals.  To encompass all illicit drugs and substances. 
Venezuela.  Go along with Canadian wording.  Do not accept “illicit” — we are restricting to controlled substances to those captured by law enforcement.  Not the topic of the resolution.
Morocco.  Delete some language and propose new.  “Samples of drugs used for production of ….”
Chair. Asking sponsors to confer with those that have made proposals to come up with acceptable wording. Agreed.  PP 6,7,8,9.  No comments.
End of the text.  L5 under consideration
Finland.  Ask delegations for OP 5 to join her now outside meeting room to do as quickly as possible.

New OP 5.: Invites MS to ensure that where appropriate samples of internationally controlled substances  (delete examples in brackets) and NPS in particular those relevant to international investigations and for intelligence purposes can be submitted to forensic laboratories with the required expertise in profiling analyses.”

Financial implications.  Have to submit later.   Can Cow endorse?  Yes.

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