Resolution L.4: Supporting the availability, accessibility and diversity of evidence-based treatment and care for young people affected by drug use disorders (continued)

Israel. Swedish colleague led informals on Friday afternoon.  Was going to be here.  Not here yet.
Title accepted.  First two PPs.  No comment.  Next three PPs.  None.  Next three.  None.  Next two.  None.  Recognizing  —none.  Emphasizing, Acknowledging and Stressing — None. 

Russia.  Has doubts about stigmatising.  Nothing in their legislation.  Wants to remove.   Delete stigmatising attitudes and discrimination.

OP 1.
Invites MS in accordance with their national legislation to consider means, as appropriate to a provide measure to ensure encourage non-sigmatising attitudes toward children nd young people affected with substance use disorders to help reduce marginalisation and

Russia.  Eliminate stigmatising.
Chair.  Bracket and return to.
Italy.  “Promoting measures to encourage non-discriminating attitudes”. 
Colombia.  Can be flexible but wonder if this could be addressed differently.  Accept Italy proposal.

OP2.  Belgium.  There is an addition on Preferably Voluntary  — delete “preferably” — take it out.
OP.3.  None
OP. 4. None
OP 5. None
OP 6. None

Korea wants to cosponsor also L. 13.
Canada. also wants to cosponsor.
Lithuania.  cosponsor.
Cyprus.  cosponsor.
Guatemala. cosponsor.

Issue of title needs to be resolved.  Israel.   Title “Supporting the availability, accessibility and diversity of scientific, evidence based treatment and care for children and young people with substance use disorders.”  
L4. Approved.

USA.  Informals are ongoing at the moment. Anticipate being ready this afternoon.

L.9, L. 10. 
Russia. Ongoing negotiations.

CoW Suspended at 10:50 urges sponsors to come back at 3pm with text. 

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