Committee of the Whole – L13: Promoting international cooperation in responding to new psychoactive substances and amphetamine-type stimulants including methamphetamine (continued)

Going back to China’s suggestion on Friday afternoon: “Encourages the UNODC and the INCB to enhance the collection of info on NPS in particular through existing mechanisms such as the global Synthetics Monitory Analysis…. and the Project ION Incident Communication Systeem (IONICS)”.  

Some discussion of language. 

Japan supports the new language proposal of US. Japan would like to be a cosponsor of this resolution.  NPS and meth a problem.  Thanks Australia.

Agreement on L 13 except OP 6 – short suspension to discuss in informals. 

Australia. Final proposal on language: “Encourages member states in the context of a comprehensive and balanced approach to continue to consider a wide variety of legislative, regulatory, and administrative measures to tackle the emergence of new psychoactive substances, which may include temporary control members, laws on controlled substance analogues and and actions in the areas of public health (including those relating to pharmaceutical products), consumer protection, and hazardous substances.”

Germany would like to cosponsor. 

UK. Has standard financial language been added?  Yes.  Happy with the content.

Israel. Would like to cosponsor. 
The resolution is adopted. 

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