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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – Statement by Cuba

Fully support statement delivered by G 77 and China. Highlight importance of CND as principle organ, and the important role it plays in preparation for UNGASS.

Must adopt an approach aimed at the wellbeing of the individual. Drug abuse is a public health problem. Believe that the strategies and policies to be applied must account for the different contexts in different countries, and respect sovereignty.

No illicit production of drugs in Cuba. Illict use is a very reduced issue. State has all appropriate measures in place to control this. Free public health system ensures treatment is available. Highlight implementation of strategies based on providing medical care and social reintegration to curb addictions. Cuba reaffirms that international cooperation is fundamental. Development of new challenges require a policy that is based on common and shared responsibility. UNGASS 2016 is an opportunity to share experiences, hold an open debate, and look at the steps that have been taken.

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