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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – statement by Republic of Korea

The Republic of Korea is looking forward to the UNGASS and the involvement of all key stakeholders. We appreciate the extensive effort by the commission and the board and are confident that all measures necessary will be taken in the lead up to the UNGASS.

We note that efforts to date to implement the 2009 declaration have resulted in notable successes, including the reduction in illicit cultivation. However, there have been setbacks with regards to drug use, and welcome greater international cooperation in addressing this issue going forward.

In light of persistent and new challenges, we must continue to implement our commitments under the 2009 plan of action. We urge all states to fully implement the UN drug conventions.

Success requires a balanced approach combating supply and demand. We see demand reduction as being as important as supply reduction. What’s more, we welcome the involvement of civil society.

With globalisation and increasing mobility, drug crimes have become an essential part of international cooperation.

My government would like to emphasis its strong commitment to regional and international cooperation, especially with regards to information sharing and extradition. This cooperation can be web-based to improve efficiency.

Information sharing and international cooperation should be improved, particularly in light of the emergence of NPS. We anticipate the UNGASS will elaborate effective ways of constraining the illicit spread of NPS, and produce suggestions for better implementing the drug conventions.

Last but not least, my delegation hopes that deliberations here will yield ideas that provide a new perspective that strengthens international cooperation.

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