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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – Statement by Kazakhstan

For central asian countries that are in an active opiate trafficking area, the situation remains acute. Wild cannabis grows in the southern part of our country. We have a long-term development strategy and targeted programs supported by international collaboration. We’ve created a range of national measures. Government adopted a program for 2012-2016. Strengthening borders and allocating more resources for border control. Combating money laundering associated with the drug trade.

Procedural and criminal code amended to criminalize the production of new psychoactive substances and their precursors. Adopted a licensing system allowing us to overcome administrative obstacles. Working with UNODC. Provide technical training for education in schools and drug awareness programs. Seek to reduce drug demand by establishing coordination centres. Improved our national centre for coordination by bringing together the central asian countries via a database. Ensure treatment and integration of drug users. Creating a register of drug addicted individuals to give us a number of all users and in each of the categories concerned. New penal code provides treatment as an alternative for minors or mild criminal behaviours.

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