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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – statement by Pakistan

We attach great importance to the efforts of UNODC and CND. We look forward to tangible recommendations of the CND in the lead up to the UNGASS.

The scale and expense of the menace [drugs] have huge implications for society around the world. All of this necessitates a collaborative approach. Concerted efforts to eradicate the poppy at its source would be helpful in impacted on drug use and trafficking.

Over the past few years, new variants of the drug problem have emerged. These include: legalisation of cannabis; rise in opium production and use; emergence of new substances.

The trend of legalising of drugs is a matter of deep concern. They don’t eradicate the underground market and they undermine the three UN drug conventions, as well as harm reduction initiatives that require our attention.

We would like to state that any attempt to review the drug conventions is neither useful nor production. Additionally, the respect for sovereignty should remain the cornerstone of our approach to tackling the world drug problem.

Increased demand of drugs leads to increased supply from the developing world. We urge consumer countries to strengthen their own efforts to tackle drug use in their territories.

Our law enforcement takes combating drugs as a passion, not profession. We work relentlessly to tackle the drug challenge and uphold the conventions. We have retained our poppy-free status over recent years, and have maintained a strong will to eradicate the menace of drugs.

In 2014, Pakistan made record seizures of 396 tons of drugs, and dismantled a number of drug trafficking organisations.

We also attach importance to prosecution of drug traffickers and treatment of people suffering from addiction.

Efforts to tackle the drug problem can’t be successful without international and regional cooperation.

To conclude – the drug problem remains a challenge that needs concerted efforts to tackle it. The world drug problem requires a united response, and together we can overcome this and secure our future generations.

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