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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – statement by Peru

I would ask delegations to refer to the statement we circulate after as I will be giving a shortened statement.

Last year at the CND we identified the achievements and difficulties in relation to the drug problem. In the context of the various international forums on this area, Peru believes that counter-narcotics policies must be based on the three UN drug conventions.

Peru has also emphasised the need to promote a balanced and multidisciplinary approach the drug problem that reduces demand and supply, addressing money laundering and alternative development.

Peru has indicated that the measures to be implemented by states must comply with international law, respect human rights and respect sovereignty. We believe that broad transparent inclusive debate that is based on scientific evidence will make it easier to address the technical aspects of this debate.

Peru would like to highlight that the interactive debates are addressing all elements of the drug problem in a comprehensive manner. We have expressed interest in the debate on alternative development.

Peru is firmly committed to the fight against drugs. The implementation of our counter drugs strategy has made it possible to attain results such as drug use prevention, reducing illicit crops, control of precursor chemicals, and providing cultivators of illicit crops with another option.

Regarding alternative development, these projects are focused on addressing social exclusion and environmental degradation.

We’re committed to obtaining the objectives of the 2009 declaration using ethical principles and responsibility as a framework.


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