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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – Statement by Thailand

Importance of the UNGASS as a milestone towards our goals and towards 2019. The world drug problem remains the common and shared responsibility of all of us. World drug problem poses a serious threat to health, safety, security, and sustainable development. Thailand hopes that the problem will be addressed in a balanced and comprehensive way. Thailand looks forward to interactive discussions.

Thailand believes that partnership is crucial for sustainable drug control. UNGASS is an excellent venue to take stock of different approaches, best practices, and lessons learned. 20 years of partnerships between six countries and the UNODC under the 1993 Memorandum of Understanding on Drug Control is a concrete example of achievement. Thailand has initiated a number of activities, such as a recent meeting held in order to strengthen interception measures and prevention of diversion of precursors. No precursors, no drugs.

Regarding the scheduling of ketamine, cooperation is needed in order to prevent abuse and diversion of the substance.

Evidence that development and drugs are highly interlinked. We need to tackle the root cause, namely poverty, including infrastructure and other basic needs. UN guiding principles on alternative development are relevant.

Other interested stakeholders, Thailand will hold an international conference on alternative development in November 2015. All member states are invited.

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