UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – Statement by Shamaa, Chair of the Board

At its reconvened 57th Session, the CND adopted an agenda for this special segment. The agenda was further refined in January, agreeing with the substance and format of the interactive discussions to be held during this segment.

On 23rd Feb, we agreed that the order of the interactive discussions would be amended, starting with item B, followed by item A. This is now agreed.

We are appreciative of the level of cooperation during this process, we are welcoming the contributions by international organisations and NGOs on the UNGASS website – broad range of perspectives enabling member states to make informed decisions. We will continue these consultations.

The GA in its resolution 59/200 invited the president of the UNGA to support the preparatory process. It is a pleasure to announce that the president of the UNGA will now address this session.

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