UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – statement by UN General Assembly President Sam Kahamba Kutesa

Mr Chairman, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen. I’m convinced that the work this week will be successful in helping set out the goals for the 2016 UNGASS.

I welcome the preparatory work undertaken thus far in the lead up to the UNGASS set to take place next year.

The special session constitutes an important opportunity for the implementation of the 2009 declaration. Excellencies, the international community must engage in an open discussion on the international drug problem. It represents a global threat that demands a coordinated response between countries.

The three drug conventions seeks to promote and protect the health and human rights, and these issues must be incorporated into any approach to combat the drug problem.

The steps you must take to reach our goals include the following:

1) Ensure access to controlled medicines for people across the world.
2) We need to make use of all tools at our disposal, including those contained in conventions on drugs and those concerning corruption to combat organised crime.
3) Need to promote alternative livelihoods for people.
4) Have a balanced approach that takes into account different regional realities to combat drugs.

I count on you to take on these issues in the coming days.

I thank you.

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