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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – statement by Spain

For Spain, the UN declaration on human rights needs to be part of the foundation for the international approach to drug policy.

Spain takes a public health approach to drug policy. Our constitution compels us to preserve the right to health.

We have risk reduction, and at the street level we intend to make people aware of these issues so that drug addicts are compelled to come and access treatment.

In September 2015 there will be a summit on development. If we are able to achieve the goal of tackling and eradicating poverty, we will be able to properly combat the drug problem. As part of this, we must promote alternative development for people who currently cultivate illicit crops.

Spain calls on the international community to make sure that human rights, health and alternative development are considered as we move forward, and that we work toward providing a base for the future and our children.

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