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UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – Statement by the Philippines

We note the progress achieved since 2009 and the adoption of the 2009 political declaration and look forward to reaching our target in 2019. We must sustain our efforts.

National drug strategy has pillars: demand reduction, supply reduction, alternative development, international cooperation. But there is room for progress for the development of holistic and integrated strategies.

The National Drug Agency succeeded in investing millions of dollars in drug control and seizures of drugs. The drug problem has no borders. The Philippines is strengthening airport operations and other efforts in drug trafficking routes. We have successfully destroyed cannabis plans after conducting operations in various parts of the country.

On demand reduction, we promote prevention, education, treatment and rehab, by involving communities and conducting capacity building programmes on substance use, in collaboration with UNODC.

We seek to address new challenges, establishing strategies, programmes and projects which will be implemented within a 5 year period.

The Philippines recognises the vital role of cooperation in implementing drug strategies. We are looking at the dark web, we are also concerned about methamphetamines. The use of minors for transporting drugs is also problematic.

We strengthen drug suppression efforts in our country. We enforced strong cooperative links with various countries. By targeting the source of illegal drugs, we have successfully conducted arrests, dismantling drug rings, seizures of drugs, controlled precursors and chemicals. We’ve seized the highest volume of methamphetamines.

Since the creation of the Philippines Drugs Agency in 2002, we’ve improved drug control. We’ve managed to manage 5 local drug groups in 2014 alone.

International cooperation is the principal force in the fight against drugs. We have worked in working in partnership with other drugs agencies. We are confident that the goals set in 2009 are within our reach as long as we continue our united front in this fight.

The Philippines supports the scheduling of ketamine in the drug conventions.

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