UNGASS Special Segment Day 1 – Statement by the Sovereign Order of Malta

Focusing on drug prevention, we want to expand our work with UNODC towards the 2016 UNGASS. We also recognise international law and human rights. The consequences of drug use are recognised today globally. The essence of diplomacy is to convince governments to move ahead with policies. We must protect health among those that are most vulnerable. We have worked with UNODC to prevent HIV among people who inject drugs in Africa. We want to support UNODC with their youth initiative to prevent drug use among young people.
Future perspectives and dreams – we continue our work to protect the heath of the most vulnerable. It is time to start to work for the health of those who need it. Those who have difficult situations may be at risk of starting to use drugs. Those who develop use need care and protection. Those who are dependent need treatment, care and compassion.

Application of the international treaties should particularly target young people, people living with HIV, hepatitis and TB. We must respond to affected people with humanitarian interventions, in the debate leading to the 2016 UNGASS.

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