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UNGASS Special Session Day 1 – Statement on behalf of the Asia Pacific Group

Despite the continued international efforts, the group believes that new trends and challenges should be taken into account in the implementation of the 2009 political declaration, based on the principle of common and shared responsibility, in full compliance with the drug conventions and in accordance with national legislation.

Urgent need to tackle trafficking, corruption, and other organised crime (terrorism, money laundering, other trafficking, etc.).

Importance of further strengthening national and international efforts in dealing with the world drug problem in full respect for the conventions, the political declaration, and sovereignty of states, as well as human rights and fundamental freedoms. We count on cooperation to combat drug trafficking, addressing demand and supply and diversion of precursor chemicals. We reaffirm the responsibility of the CND for drug control matters. We reiterate our appreciation for the UNODC for countering the world drug problem.

Last year, the high level review highlighted progress made in a multilateral setting, through an integrated, multidisciplinary balanced and comprehensive approach. We reiterate our full commitment to the objectives of the political declaration. In 2016, the session will be a milestone for 2019 as a target for the review of the political declaration. We appreciate the role of CND in the preparatory process for this session. The interactive discussions will be an opportunity to exchange views, experiences and best practice.

We must further interregional and international cooperation. 38th meeting of the heads of states in Asia Pacific, Triangular Initiative, etc.

Alternative development is a viable approach to reduce crop cultivation and should be implemented alongside law enforcement, crop eradication and awareness raising.

We call for strengthening cooperation to respond to NPS, including taking action for appropriate international control, taking into account access to essential medicines, while preventing abuse. We therefore welcome the monitoring of new substances and warning mechanisms. We welcome the WHO expert committee on drug dependence in June 2014. WHO’s work is determined by scientific evidence. But it should also consider social, legal, economic, etc. factors, especially for substances used in the legitimate industry. We work toward the goal of comprehensive access to prevention, and treatment programmes.

We extend our support on the governance and financial systems of UNODC to ensure transparency. We welcome the review efforts and welcome the gender balance and experience balance that is being brought forward.

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