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Closing Statement

Closing Statement

Commission on Narcotic Drugs

  • Thank you for the great work and efforts of all the delegations and the spirit of compromise to achieve the agreed text.
  • Thank you to the President of the Commission, the President and members of the Preparatory Meeting and the Secretariat.

Mr. President,

While the outcome document approved is a step forward and reflects the new avenues on which we must move forward in the international debate on global drug problem, we must recognise that in the interest of consensus, remain pending issues that must be resolved in the future, to achieve more efficient, humane and just drug policies, people-centred and responsive to the challenges that have been identified.

We still have great work to develop, so that the United Nations should carry out actions and make arrangements to have a broad and inclusive process towards 2019 and beyond.

It is the opportunity to recall that the adoption of the 2030 Agenda represents a great opportunity to align all policies, including drug policies, in favour of sustainable development, inclusion and towards achieving more just and equitable societies, which can live in peace.

Thank you very much Mr. President,

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