Resolution L10. Promoting the implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Alternative Development (continued)

Initial draft of resolution can be found here.

Chair: Now it the time for action. So, we have the text of L.10.

PP.1 & PP.2

Thailand: thank you, madame ambassador. Thanks for you leadership and decisiveness. On behalf of the co-sponsor of this resolution. Given the late status of this resolution. We would like to propose the deletion of PP1 and PP2.

Chair: thank you. Let us look at the screen. Is this what you want deleted?

Thailand: And also PP2 ?

Chair: As head of the CoW it breaks my heart to delete something. ( I am joking)

Morocco: in the spirit of compromise we would agree to delete PP.2  .

Germany: Thanks a lot, We agree with the mentioned changes.

Ecuador: Thank you madame chair. Actually OP1 is open as well. We have some language to propose.

Chair: That has been agreed previously in CoW. We only open paragraphs when there is a consensus. Is there one?

Ecuador: my proposal is to take out “welcome” and introduce take note “with appreciation” and then we go to next to last line and add “after crime, in accordance with “national legislation”.

Russia: Not a resolution of the general assembly. It would look a little strange with our any mention of the conventions in the preamble.

Chair: you are referring to deletions? We have agreement on the small amendments done my Ecuador on OP1. I thought we had terminated the considerations of L.10. So with this I really want to thankyou all for the hard work. It is really a very important resolution for all countries. Before we submit it, I ask the secretariat to give us financial assessment.

Secretariat: there are no financial implications.

Chair: this resolution is now submitted to the plenary. we have worked very successfully. Let’s break for 10 minutes.



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