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Resolution L13: Promotion of measures, including voluntary cooperation and timely and effective legislative, regulatory, and administrative responses to target new psychoactive substances, amphetamine-type stimulants and precursors

Link to the initial draft version of the resolution can be found here.

Chair: we have the following resolutions to agree, and we will consider them in this order: L13, L10, L4, . So, let’s start with L13.

Australia: I can report that this morning the sponsors of this resolution met and negotiated everything in good faith and we can move forward.

Chair: The changes pertain to op.4/19 & the title. Correct?

Australia: Yes. So to start with the title – strike “including” to … “responses” …. and “including”… to “precursors” moving now on to the last PP. We propose reinserting the text starting from recognizing that… through to the end of essential medicines. Continuing “noting that” … through to “57/10”, and the final phrase should be “noting the expert committee on drug dependence, (…?) update review report.”

OP. 4

Moving now to  “such as Ketamine” to be removed, and also removing “including methamphetamine”.

OP. 19

Starting from “which are generally” on fourth line, through to “especially those” … this is to be struck. And we want to return to “including in”.

Chair: OK, we have seen the package.

China: Thank you Madame chair. With regard to this paragraph, that notes that Ketamine is scheduled by some member states, we should delete the reference to the ECDD report, putting “noting” in front, and “recognizing” afterwards.

Australia: I regret to say, that these amendments would not be acceptable.

Chair: Then there is no package. I will break now on this. There will be no resolution. This is now open again. We have no business to do here.

PP.19 , OP. 4

China: As is known to all,  NPS has huge variety. We have no reference to ICE and other drugs. NPS has many types. There is a lot of non scheduled NPS. We did not raise a lot of objections during these proceedings. But Ketamine has caused severe consequences with over 1 million affected in China. Therefore, this resolution which should have been adopted yesterday, cannot find consensus now. We have demonstrated our flexibility. We are grateful to our co-sponsors for attempting to reach a consensus. But what we ask for is a small change in the sequence of wording. If Ketamine has medical uses, then it is worth noting that NPS also has many medical uses. Ketamine has been scheduled in many countries. Our position with regards to this package deal, we can accept if we have this PP. deleted. However, we need to have a minor change made. However, we need a minor change to PP. 19 . The reference found here is not in the resolutions originally. But in order to show our good faith, we can accept this paragraph. The reports by CND and UNODC have all mentioned the serious harm and consequences caused by Ketamine to society and individuals. However, due to the lack of data by ECDD, there has not been a good reception of this fact. Due to this we could accept OP. 4, and have this paragraph deleted. With regards to PP.19: objectively speaking, neither NPS or non-scheduled substances are national problems for China. In China, apart from Ketamine, there has not been significant abuse of other NPS. We took quick measures to put many NPS under control. But many NPS and other substances that are widely scheduled under many national legal systems, have no international control agreement, no international law to control them. Even in the list of NPS under international control, the workload and difficulty concerning there scheduling and control are also difficult for countries to conduct. From 2003 until now, we have voluntarily notified countries about 5000 NPS, none of which are scheduled in China currently. We have provided a lot of cooperation and information to the international community. Our efforts have far exceeded the requirements of the international conventions. Before that we even considered L.7. We want to ask everyone to see the efforts made by China. With regards OP. 19, we want to delete “especially those” …. then we can keep the text as it is. Another addition, is to strike “especially those” .

Chair: We understand this is important to you, but it is also important to Member States to close this resolution. I must say, with due respect, the introductions came very late in the day. We have all heard the Chinese delegation. I think the best thing to do now, would be to get together, and have a five minute break, and the result can be either resolution, or no resolution.

Australia: I was going to make the same points you have just noted. It is important that we pass this resolution to many Member States. We can support the amendments.

United States: through many rounds of informals, we had got far with this. We would be OK with the proposed, in order to finalize this resolution.

Belarus: Thank you very much Madame Chairman, we would like conclude the discussions. We are ready to conclude, with out a five minute break.

Japan: I would like to echo what was said by the above. We can accept these compromises.

India: We can agree with the amendments made to OP. 19.

Chair: We have consensus in the room. Let’s move quickly through the changes again. Look carefully at the title , please. Agreed. Delete last PP. Move to OP4 . Agreed. And let’s move on to OP. 19, as amended by China. China, does this reflect the amendments?

China: it is “Included in”

Chair: this concludes our discussion, this resolution has been decided by CoW.

[uses gavel]

Secretariat: attention to OP5, 9 , 12, 14, 20. 5 + 9.

2.6 million USD would be required to address the funding gap of the SMART programme, and continue the monitoring of NPS.

With regards to OP.12, extra resources needed of 200,000 would be needed to develop data collection tool to monitor precursor chemicals that make up NPS.

OP 14 would need 100,000 would be required by the secretariat of the INCB to support the surveyance list of NPS.

With regards to OP. 20  (..)

OP5, 9 , 12 , 14 , 20, will be carried providing these resources are made available.

Chair: We are now in the position to transmit this to the plenary.

United States: we would like to get as many people to co-sponsor as possible, as NPS is an important issue, and we need to ‘hold hands’ on this.

We now have two outstanding resolutions L10 and L4. Let’s move on.

(L.13 submitted)

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