Committee of the Whole – Resolution L.6: Preventing and responding to the adverse health consequences and risks associated with the use of new psychoactive substances

UK: The purpose was to respond to NPS. it recognises the diversity faced by different member states and seeks to deal with varied challenges faced. All paragraphs were agreed in informals.

Chair: Start with the title


CoW approves title


CoW approves PP1


S. Africa: it only takes from the UNGASS document, so why other documents are not referred to?

UK: The OD is deliberate as it focusing on NPS in a way which there is not int eh 2009 declaration.

S.Africa: We need a reference to the 2009 declaration interrelation to NPS and precursors.

UK: This did not come up in the informal or discussions, but we’re willing to view wording.

PP2 approved


PP3 approved


PP4 approved


PP5 approved


PP6 approved


UK: Treatnet is the name of the strategy and not a misspelling of ‘treatment’

PP7 approved


PP8 apprpved


PP9 approved


PP10 approved


PP11 approved


PP12 approved


PP13 approved


Chair: Great work done in informals

OP1 approved

OP1b – approved

OP2 approved

OP3 approved

OP4 approved

OP5 approved

OP6 approved

OP7 approved

OP8 approved

OP8bis approved

OP9 approved

UK: After soaking with s. africa, we agreed that there is no need for reference to 2009 declariton

Australia: I would like to warmly thank the UK for their work here today as it builds on work done i the past. we will be a co-sponsor

S.Africa: We don’t have a problem. thank you.

Turkey: We would like to than the UK for finalising this text successfully. and inform that we will be a co-sponsor.

UNODC Budget Unit: 186,000 over 2 years to incorporate toxicology data model. covering travel costs of 2 meetings. currently 96,000 of this has been received as a voluntary contribution.

Chair: it is approved for plenary

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