Committee of the Whole – Resolution L.7: Increasing international coordination relating to precursors and non-scheduled precursor chemicals used in illicit manufacture of narcotics drugs and psychotropic substances

USA: We welcome broad co-sponsorship for this resolution.

Title approved

PP1 approved

PP2 approved


Ecuador: We had expressed that it is not an international conference, but an expert meeting. I don’t know about the criteria, so replace it with ‘takes note of the outomes’ and go along with the rest.

USA: Fine. The outcomes from Bangkok are published just for your information.

PP3 approved

PP4 approved

PP5 approved

PP6 approved

PP7 approved

PP8 approved

PP9 approved

PP10 approved

Mexico: thanks to US for work so far taking us forward. We’d like to suggest an additions PP to read ‘Welcoming the outcome document of the special session of the general assembly 2016 in particular operation recommendations related to these concerns.’

Chair: Is the US OK with this?

US: Yes

Chair: can we approve?

PP11 approved


US: We want to change substances to ‘precursor chemicals’ and again psychotropic substances on the next line.

Ecuador: In 6th line we’d like to add ‘disseminating’ after ‘updating’


S. Africa: Move disseminate to the end

OP1 approved


Chair: We need to clarity ‘and/or’

US: It’s ‘and’

Iran: second line are we going to delete ‘substances’?

US: Yes delete

OP2 approved

OP3 approved

OP4 approved

OP5 approved

OP6 approved

OP7 approved

OP8 approved


US; There is ‘and/or’ and will change to ‘and’

OP9 approved

OP10 approved

OP10bis approved


Ecuador: Add ‘as appropriate’ after ‘methods’ for countries for future application

US: No objection. And ‘and’ would remain

OP11 approved


Ecuador: In line 4 can we include ‘dark net’ to differentiate from the legal provision.

US: Maybe delete ‘internet’ and change to ‘surface, Darknet and relating’

Iran: In last line ad ‘based on national legislations’

Mexico: We’d prefer to use ‘internet and darknet’ and remove ‘surface’ given that many activities are carried out openly

Australia: ‘Internet’ covers everything

Chair: We can go back to ‘internet’?

OP12 approved

Iran: ‘Identification’ comes before ‘detected’

OP12bis approved

OP12ter approved

OP13 approved

UNODC Budget Unit: $120,300 per year required for extra budgetary resources

Chair: This resolution is cleared for the Plenary

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