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Committee of the Whole (Wednesday) – Resolution L.6 Enhancing International Cooperation to Combat the Synthetic Opioid Crisis

Chair: We suspend consideration of this resolution and move onto L6.

USA: We are happy to now have L6 under consideration by the Committee of the Whole.

Chair: I propose that we start with the title. Are we able to adopt the title?

Belgium: During informals, we did not discuss the title and my delegation is not in a position to accept this as it stands. Could we change the wording to read ‘Enhancing international cooperation to address the international posed by the non-medical use of synthetic opioids’.

Ecuador: Could we change it to ‘Enhancing and strengthening’

USA: I would like to echo what our colleagues from Belgium said.

China: This is not only about international cooperation, but also about domestic efforts. I suggest that we add ‘national efforts to address’

USA: ‘Enhancing and strengthening international, regional and national cooperation to address international threats posed to non-medical use of synthetic opioids.

The better formation would be international cooperation and regional and cooperation and domestic efforts.

France: We believe that there is a word lacking after posed. Shouldn’t it be ‘international threats posed by the non-medical use of synthetic opioids’.

Belgium: We accept that over prescription has cause part of the problem, but we would not want to give out the wrong message.

Japan: We would like to ask for a clarification from Belgium.

Belgium: Over prescription means non-medical use.

Chair: The title of this resolution is agreed. Let’s move to the body of the resolution.

The first preamble paragraph is agreed.

USA: We consider the second pp. to be duplicative and would suggest that we delete it.

Chair: Gives the floor to Norway.

Norway: I suggest that resolution 53/4 should be recalled and add resolution 53/7.

Chair: We can now move to the next resolution.

Mexico: We would like to include a reference to increased demand. We suggest the addition of increased trafficking and increased use of non-medical opioids.

 USA: We propose that we delete ‘problem’ in the first line and; law enforcement and security’ in the third and fourth line.

China: we insist that we include the phrase ‘rising demand for drugs caused drug traffickers exploiting the market’.

UK: We support the USA, as there are a number of causes in this regard and it is not only because of the rising demand. We would therefor like to delete the comments made by China.

Turkey: Keeping this notion of challenges to law enforcement and security. We suggest the third line read ‘to public health, safety, law enforcement and security, in some cases’

Chair: Gives the floor to the Secretariat.

Secretariat: The following informals will be held:

L3 (Chair) at 15:00 in M2

L2 (Russia) at 16:00 in M0E05

L9 (Germany/Peru/Thailand) 16:30 – 17:30 in M0E03

Chair: We will resume this discussion at 16:30 and it will continue until 19:30.

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