Committee of the Whole (Tuesday afternoon). L4. Strengthening efforts to prevent drug use in educational settings.

Pakistan: PP1 is almost final so if we can clear it.


Chair: Can we endorse PP1? Endorsed. PP4bis:


Pakistan: We discussed this at length, we understand we will keep this paragraph.


Canada: We cannot agree to remove alt-new-ppbis at this time. We do not have flexibility at this time.


Uruguay: We would prefer to keep alt-new-ppbis at this time. Could the secretariat include our name to the proposal?


Chair: added.


Norway: I have worked with my Pakistani neighbour. We are willing to withdraw PP6bis and PP6bisalt and introduce a new para ‘Recalling that the international standards in drug prevention acknowledge that school attendance and attachment to schools are important measures to prevent drug use among children’

Canada: Happy to support.


Uruguay: Would like to support this text.


Iran: instead of drug use include ‘drug abuse’


Canada: We would be grateful that would remain in square brackets.


Pakistan: We believe this paragraph does not belong to this resolution, but we can live with this paragraph and would like to record my disappointment. The non-issue of drug use versus drug abuse. We are disappointed with this.


Nigeria: I want to support my colleague from Pakistan. My delegation called for the deletion of the proposal from my Norwegian colleague. We could go along with the new proposal.


Canada: To respond to Pakistan we showed some flexibility regarding wording but both words use, and abuse are used in the UNGASS document. We feel that we have shown sufficient flexibility.


Pakistan: At no point did we say we wanted to change our proposal. Both terms have been used in documents and I have noted down the references and could quote the specific paragraphs. I suggest we agree to this paragraph using the term drug abuse.


Australia: We would suggest some alternative language. A challenge is it includes all drug use which may include use of medicines. In Australia drug use is inclusive to a full range of drugs. We could use the term ‘drug use disorders.’


Indonesia: My delegation is only ready to accept the new PP6 as a solution to this issue. We must show flexibility, but we would like to keep reference to ‘drug abuse.’


Pakistan: International standards will be in capitals.


Chair: Can we proceed that it will be in brackets?


Russia: Following on I would suggest we use the full title of these standards.


Pakistan: We suggest we move on to the next one. I suggest we delete new PP6bisalt.


Chair: New PP6 quat, can we endorse this? Endorsed.



Pakistan: We have finalised OP1 and OP2. We have agreed to all apart from ‘context.’


Chair: Can we consider OP2.


Pakistan: We will retain the full paragraph without the word ‘context.’ And we will delete the word ‘promoting’ in the fourth line and delete ‘at the national level.’


Chair: Can we agree with this?


US: I wonder if in the last sentence we could use the word ‘domestic’ instead of ‘national.’


Canada: We can accept the change here. With regards to the larger paragraph we had requested ‘gender sensitive policies and tools’ can we have that included?


Chair: Can we endorse with the amendments.


Russia: The Canadian proposal is not acceptable to us. Gender sensitive is not agreed language and it is absent from previous resolutions adopted here.


Uruguay: We would like ‘gender-sensitive’ to remain.


Chair: Can we proceed with brackets for that phrase. Pakistan?


Pakistan: I agree with what you have suggested and would like to flag that we have covered ‘gender sensitivity’ in other paragraphs.


Chair: Can we approve OP7?


Russia: We would like to have it kept in square brackets until tomorrow.


Pakistan: To flag my understanding it is agreed language. We can move on to OP8.


Iraq: We would like to point out the language used was previously agreed regarding Russia’s concerns.


Pakistan: OP1 is outstanding. The word we could not find a solution is that of context. Can we finalise this paragraph?


Chair: Can we accept the formulation as it is?


US: We still do not understand what is meant by context so please continue to bracket the text.


Pakistan: I think we need to spend some more time on this one.


Chair: that brings us to an end. Before we close in terms of looking forward to tomorrow. Is Australia ready to table L10?


Australia: We anticipate that we will be ready to bring it forward.

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