Committee of the Whole (Tuesday afternoon). L8. Promoting the full implementation of the international electronic import and export authorization system for licit trade in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

Switzerland: As you can see there are some track changes.


Turkey: Sir thank you very much. I would like to thank Switzerland. We have decided to be a co-sponsor for this resolution.


Chair: Title agreed. Let us go to the preambular part regarding article 31. Agreed. Next? Agreed. Next? Agreed. Next? Agreed. Next? Agreed. Next? Agreed. Next? Endorsed as well. Next? Endorsed. Last PP? Thank you. We enter the operative part, OP1: agreed. OP2: agreed. OP3: agreed. OP4: agreed. OP5: agreed. OP6: agreed. OP7 (Previously OP6): agreed. OP8 (Previously 7): agreed. That was the last paragraph of the resolution. Before we endorse it, I ask the secretariat to come to the floor.


Secretariat: regarding OP5 it is estimated extra budgetary resources would be required for the import and export system. Regarding OP6 extra budgetary resources would be required, it would provide staff. Regarding OP7 extra resources would also be required, we will provide 5 regional training workshops. The activities related to OP567 would be carried out when the extrabudgetary resources will be made available.


Belgium: I want to express our appreciation for the work of the delegation of Switzerland and that we would co-sponsor this resolution.


Chair: Can we transfer to the plenary for adoption?


Switzerland: Thank you to Belgium and Turkey for co-sponsoring our resolution.


Chair: Submitted to plenary for adoption.

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