Side event: Modern forensic technologies to support national drug control efforts

Jean Luc-Lemahieu: We have provided assistance to 250 laboratories around the world. NPS is a global challenge. Today we will see a demonstration.


Finland Ambassador: Finland continues to be at the forefront of laboratory technology. We are sponsoring a resolution here at the CND on laboratories for NPS. We have supported the UNODC lab unit in assisting member states. Work includes making available tools and expertise to member states. The world drug problem has gone through significant changes including the emergence of NPS. Detection is crucial.
UNODC Lab Unit: These lab kits are cheap to produce, easy to use, and easy to bring on the field. They have their strengths and weaknesses of course. It is a colour test method. The handheld raman device uses laser technology. It takes a sample and runs it against the library for detection. It is only for initial screening, and is intended to help law enforcement to assess whether to make an arrest. Further testing is need back at the laboratories to get a more accurate reading.

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