Item 15. Provisional agenda for the sixty-third session of the Commission

El Salvador: I have a question about 6A? Will we dealing with the review or the commitments. Under item 5 with the international control treaties we dill with each sub-paragraph, so how would 6B for all the commitments, then B for the review?

Secretariat: My understanding that item 6 would be much more comprehensive and dealing with all the commitments, and to find a solution to those who were seeking specific reference, that it was decided to have a specific reference under 6. Discussion under six would in no way would be exclusive to this.

El Salvador: I have a question about the Spanish version, the document talks about national, regional and international commitments, yet there is a word missing in the title so could you make that change to the document

Secretariat: All technical issues will be brought to the attention to all translators, thank you.

Chair: I see no objection, agenda item 15 is approved.

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