Committee of the Whole (Thursday afternoon) L4. Promoting awareness-raising, education and training as part of a comprehensive approach to ensuring access to and the availability of controlled substances for medical and scientific purposes and improving their rational use

Chair: We still have two small issues.

Belgium: After the informals where we discussed in length PP9 and OP2 we think that both paras seem to come as a package deal.

So for OP2 we stay with “all existing barriers, [including those related to legislation, regulatory systems, health care systems, affordability, the training of healthcare professionals, education awareness-raising…and international cooperation and coordination”. This is agreeable only when PP9 is also agreed. Regarding PP9 you will see a list of proposals, however the first part of PP9 “Alt.. Deeply concerned …all efforts”. It seems that we have an issue on “exposure in general to falsified medicines”.

Chair: I invite France for PP9.

France: Our view is that the matter of falsified medicines as recognised by WHO and CCPCJ is a real problem and threat to public health causing 100.000s of deaths. We regret that the CND feel is not possible to accept. It has been mentioned in a number of other resolutions. In the spirit of consensus we accept proposal #3 “..and stressing the harms and risks of lack of access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines” to be placed after “all efforts..”.

Brazil: We could go along with French lang but we also need to see what follows.

Chair: PP9 is accepted CoW. Let’s look at OP2. I see no objections therefore OP2 is also accepted CoW.

I invite the Secretariat for budgetary remarks.

L4 is accepted at CoW and sent to Plenary for adoption.

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