Plenary: Item 10- Provisional agenda for the sixty-fourth session of the Commission & Item 11. Other business

Chair: during the extended bureau meetings it was decided to put forward the draft agenda as contained in the document E/CN7/2020/L9. Can we invite the commission to approve the agenda of the document? […] Since there is no objection, the agenda is adopted. With this now we move to consideration item 11 – other matters. No other business has been brought to the bureau or the secretariat. Is there any other matters that you would like to bring to the commission [no answer]. Therefore the only agenda item left is item 12. We must suspend this afternoon’s meeting, the resolutions are in the process in parallels and the CoW is continuing its work. We will have to suspend the plenary and wait for the work of the considerations at some time tomorrow. 

Secretary: The possible timing for considerations of the resolutions: We have some draft proposals that are still subject to negotiations. The CoW is still continuing its work. We will have to see how fast they can advance. The Secretariat also needs time to prepare some parts of the report we will be sharing with you tomorrow. It is quite difficult to predict when we will be able to resume tomorrow. We will announce on the screen when the plenary can meet for the adoption of the report – it will be in the course of tomorrow. WE must translate the document first in six languages first and so need to allow some time to do so. 

Chair: we will display the exact time of when the plenary will be starting on the board tomorrow at 10am.

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