Committee of the Whole (Thursday Morning) Resolution L2: Intensifying efforts to combat the world drug problem through effective partnerships with the private sector

Chair: I see the titled has changed but agreed at the informals. Title agreed CoW. We proceed with text.

PP1 bis alt is also agreed in informals, so agreed CoW.

PP6 alt agreed in informals, so agreed CoW.

PP6 alt bis is this additional to PP6 alt?

PP6 bis I see text in the brackets.

France: We understand that this para has not been agreed at informals. We have basic questions and concerns that need to be addressed.

Chair: It goes at informals.

PP7 alt, agreed CoW.

PP14bis agreed agreed CoW.

Para “welcoming initiatives..” is agreed in informals. Do we agree on the text that is not bracketed?

Russia: We would like to amend and replace counter with address. We also think that is important for MS to know what the INCB is doing as well for the CND to know what is the outcome of these meetings.

Chair: I see is accepted at CoW. Also Para ”Concerned by the growing..” accepted CoW. Same with “Recognising the legitimate…”. Same with “ Concerned..”.

PP19bis agreed CoW

What about PP19ter? Is Mexico ready to provide language on the principles?

Mexico: we need more time.

Chair: We proceed with OPs.


Colombia: We agree with the text on OP2 but we want to see OP to check if our concerns are addressed there.

OP6, agreed CoW

OP6 bis, agreed CoW

OP7, agreed CoW

OP8, agreed CoW

OP12, agreed CoW

Para14, agreed CoW

US: We welcome your suggestion to proceed with informals.

Chair: session adjourned.

>>L2 1300 Room M5

>>L4 1500 Room M4

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