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Plenary Item 8. Recommendations of the subsidiary bodies of the Commission

Secretariat: We had speakers left on Item 8 and Item 9, 10 and 11 are also pending. Your suggestion is that we take remaining business for Plenary now. And after Item 11, I understand that then it will be important to see what the outstanding resolution is and when the CoW can resume and then, also, in order to make as much of the presession documentation available, for the adoption of the report, and also possibly in language versions, as we just discussed, I think the second Plenary meeting today will only be able to resume after 17:00, rather than 15:00.

Kenya: Kenya supports the report of the Secretariat on the subsidiary bodies of CND. The Secretariat performed exceedingly well despite the challenges of the pandemic. Kenya participated in the HONLEA Africa, on October 2020. Though faced by time constraints, the meeting was insightful. We explored impact of COVID pandemic on law enforcement situation. And collaboration, particularly on information sharing, was outlined. The future is uncertain. We are witness to those uncertainty. During the 29 HONLEA meeting in Mauritius, Kenya committed to host the 30th HONLEA meeting, which could not take place due to the pandemic. Despite this setback, I can confirm that we will host the meeting in 2021. We hope the impact of the pandemic will lessen and allow us to host the meeting in Nairobi. We applaud the role of the Secretariat. And African countries as we endeavour to collectively address these challenges.

Republic of Korea: We attended the Asia Pacific HONLEA in October 2020, to discuss drug controls strategies and international coordination on drug problems. I’d like to comment on the agenda countering money Lona dunging and use of crypto currencies. Due to covid situation, the number of users and access to darknet continues to grow, as people tend to remain home. To address this, our national police agency has special forces to investigate this. Technically, we hired cyber field specialists to reinforce investigative capacities. While we investigate narcotic crime, we investigate information about proceeds of crime.  We shared these activities in detail at regional meetings and shared concerns with each country. Nowadays, due to the COVID situation, cooperation is in contraction and the HONLEA was delayed. We hope this situation subsides and cooperation will be as active by before.

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