Resolution L.3 (Afternoon Session): Ensuring access to drug treatment, education, after-care, rehabilitation, and social reintegration services, for people within marginalized populations

Canada: We should discuss OP1. Malta has a compromise that might work for everyone.

Malta: Instead of using “ensuring,” we would like to use “facilitating.” Ensuring implies a guarantee, where facilitating does not.

Chair: Agreed.

Canada: There is issues with the word “marginalized.” There is a compromise from Iran (OP1Alt).

Iran: Our text is self-explanatory. I do not wish to mix it with other proposals.


Canada: We hope this paragraph can work for all member states.

USA: This does seem to change meaning from discussions we were having. The discussions we had in the past were, “to facilitate access for people who are impacted by social marginalization.” This new paragraph is different because it says, “to facilitate access for people and prevent social marginalization.”

Canada: We want consistency throughout the text. We can also clean up the text at the top. We believe this proposal will reach a consensus.

Chair: This still needs fine-tuning. I suggest you go to informals and come back to CoW to close.


Chair: Agreed.


Russia: Our agreement depends on the agreement on OP9. PP17 should be removed, so we can agree on OP11. Can we have more time to wait on an agreement?

Chair: Yes, you can have more time.


France: There was a misunderstanding on our objection in informals.

Canada: Your suggestion might be redundant. Can we replace “ensuring” with “facilitating?”

France: We require some time for consideration. Our experts would like to retain the original sentence.

USA: Can we replace “those impacted by…” to “those people impacted by…?”



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