Resolution L.5 (Afternoon Session): Promoting quality, affordable, scientific evidence-based and comprehensive drug prevention and treatment services

Portugal: As soon as we finish with the CoW, we will go back to informals to finish. Today was another productive day of work. We tackled many issues. There may be some typos, but the editors will fix them. The concepts in the text are good.


Chair: Agreed.


Chair: Agreed.


Chair: Agreed.


Portugal: OP3Alt and OP3Bis come as a package.

Chair: Agreed.


Egypt: We believe that there is no need to have two paragraphs on the same issue.

Portugal: This was a carefully crafted balance that deals with different issues. OP3Alt handles private entities and OP3bis handles public entities.

Chair: These paragraphs were agreed in informals. We ask Egypt to give up their reservations so we can agree.

Egypt: I need to consult about it. I will give an answer ASAP.


Chair: Agreed.


Portugal: There is one grammatical error.

Chair: Agreed.


Portugal: There is one grammatical error.

Chair: Agreed.


Portugal: There is a reservation from Canada.



Chair: There are reservations.


Chair: Agreed.


Chair: Agreed.


Portugal: One delegations would like other concepts in the OP, but they were flexible with negotiations. This is the best we could get to during informals.

Chair: Can Canada give up reservation?

Canada: Yes, we will remove our reservation.

Chair: Agreed.


Egypt: We still have reservations about OP3bis. We are OK with OP3alt.

Portugal: This is an issue because these two paragraphs are a package. We cannot pass one without the other.

Chair: Can Egypt re-think reservation?

Egypt: We cannot go with this. OP3bis is unacceptable.


Chair: Canada has reservations.

Portugal: We also have reservations. We would like to change “ensure” to “promote, improve, and facilitate” in order to make language consistent.

UK: We are attached to the term “marginalization.” This is also an issue in OP1. Can we address this in OP1 before we continue with OP11Alt.

Chair: To be continued in informals.


Chair: Egypt, can we remove reservations?

Egypt: Yes.

Chair: Agreed.


Chair: These conversations will be continued in informals.

Norway: We would like to co-sponsor.

Mexico: We request Egypt to compromise on this bill. We ask that Egypt concede the term “torture” in their negotiations.

Australia: We would like to co-sponsor.


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