Resolution L.3 (Night Session): Ensuring access to drug treatment, education, after-care, rehabilitation, and social reintegration services, for people within marginalized populations


Canada: There are many paragraphs that will not receive consensus, so we suggest to trim down the resolution. France wishes to change its position on OP4.

France:  On this paragraph, we can go along with Canada’s proposal for the sake of showing flexibility.


Canada: There were objections on reporting to the Control Board.

Russia: We suggest additional PP to this paragraph. During informals, Canada proposed to change the year of the report from 2017 to 2020. After that proposal, we checked and it does not have reference to this topic. We suggest to use the 2017 report, so that it will be accurate.

Canada: We will stand by the original. 2017 text if accurate.

Chair: Agreed.


USA: We believe this paragraph is unnecessary. We would prefer to delete PP18.

China: We also think this paragraph is unnecessary.

Chair: Agreed.


Russia: We propose this paragraph’s deletion.

Chair: Agreed.

PPX (PP6Alt?)

Russia: We had a long discussion on this paragraph and the preceding paragraphs on the same topic. Our position is that when we refer to the language contained in the UNGASS Outcome Document, our preference would be not to omit concepts from the language. Currently, the text missed the concept of ‘commitment to a society free of drug abuse’; a very important concept to Russia and others. Unfortunately, we won’t agree to it now.
Chair: UK is flexible and has removed its reservation. Can Russia be flexible?
Russia: Of course, at this late hour, we want to be as flexible as possible and to help you get us through the resolution and have a solid document. We still have reservations in amending agreed language from policy documents. If our colleagues from Canada who proposed it do not insist, can we delete the paragraph if matters are reflected elsewhere, probably no need to have it here?
Chair: Two-minute break.



Canada: Trying to find a way to address USA and Russian concerns. In the interest of compromise, I will suggest some alternative text. It has to do with adjusting PP3 that has already been approved in CoW.


France: My instructions are to first have paragraphs on UNGASS, next the 2014 declaration, next the 2009 declaration, and then 2019 declaration. We want to show flexibility. Can we have time to discuss a compromise? We have deleted so many paragraphs, it is difficult to follow the numbering system. This is the maximum flexibility that we can show.

Chair: Sorry, I am confused. What exactly do you want now? Perhaps we can go back to the proposal from Canada made on PP3bis?


Canada: We have made progress by deleting paragraphs. Some delegations have reservations about language regarding imprisoned populations and marginalization.



Egypt: We can decide alternative language or delete when we know the scope of the resolution. Can we table this paragraph?

Chair: Same position on PP11?

Egypt: Yes, same position on PP11.


Egypt: We remove our reservations.

Chair: Agreed.


Egypt: We remove our reservations.

Iran: We are reserved on this because it is beyond the scope of the resolution. Marginalization in this context does not make sense. We have the same reservation about PP11.

Chair: At this hour, we cannot take any more reservations.

Canada: Seeing as there is no compromise on PP10 and PP11, we propose to delete.

Chair: Agree to delete PP10.


Chair: Agree to delete PP11.


Canada: Sets scoop for rest of resolution. It is in accordance with international regulations.

Chair: Agreed.


Chair: I close the discussion on L3.

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