Resolution L.5 (Night Session) : Promoting quality, affordable, scientific evidence-based and comprehensive drug prevention and treatment services

Portugal: We were able to agree on many issues in informals.


Chair: Agreed.


Chair: Agreed.


Chair: Agreed.


Portugal: There is new text as agreed with Argentina.

Chair: Agreed.


Chair: Agreed.


Chair: Agreed.


Chair: Agreed.


Portugal: That is the whole resolution.

Australia: In OP7 and OP8, there were some issues with clarity. We have small edits to make the intent clearer to understand.

Chair: We will give these edits to the Secretariat.

Australia: This applies to OP7 and 8. Our edits make it easier to understand.

Chair: We cannot accept these changes at this hour.

Portugal: The editors can later fix these errors because they are not conceptual issues.

Chair: Editorial work will be done in the future.

Chair: Can we submit to plenary? Agreed.


UK: We want to co-sponsor.


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