Committee of the Whole L4 Strengthening international cooperation to comprehensively address the links between illicit drug trafficking and illicit firearms trafficking

Chair: Straight to PP9 please. It seems to be acceptable to delete PP9?

US: We appreciate efforts to find compromise, but we do not share the view that the UNTOC, UNCAC are inappropriate in this forum – we want this clearly understood.

Chair: Ok, PP9 deleted. PP11? The change will be to delete “programs”, and the rest would be unchanged. Two changes on the screen. Can we agreed to PP11bis and PP4bis as they now appear on the screen. No comments? So we can take this as approved in the COW. Compromise takes us to PP11bis. No comments? Therefore PP11bis is approved by COW. We can now go to OP4bis – with previous amendments. No comments – therefore OP4bis approved by COW.

Chair: Last outstanding issue – title – delete “comprehensively”. We believe that the whole draft res is acceptable to the COW. Thank you Mexico. Russia in the chat – doesn’t know what the regional conventions in PP4bis are.

Mexico: We explained this in the Latin America situation.

Russia: We don’t want to complicate the negotiations but it’s important to understand how the regional anti-narcotic conventions compare to international conventions – we don’t have these in our region. Are they really called conventions, or are they instruments? We need to clarify, it might be problematic to us otherwise.

Chair: In the Americas we have many regional conventions; in this para it seems that State parties are asked to use them when/as appropriate

Mexico: We gave many explanations to this in the informals. In the first para, we say, “as appropriate” – we have attended to concerns and we have three caveats, that were satisfactory in informals to all delegations.

Chair: 4bis now approved in COW. Let’s go back to title – the compromise was to delete “comprehensively”

Russian Federation: We believe that this text is acceptable.

Chair: No requests or comments – title is agreed, and we have agreed on the whole of the res. Thanks Mexico! 5 mins to organise L5 informals – back in 5 mins, at 11.35am

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