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Plenary Item 3. General debate

Vietnam: We’re concerned by the threat of the drugs problem globally during the impact of COVID pandemic. NPS pose new challenges for control. Threatening security, health and happiness; especially young people. Comprehensive measures are needed at all levels. Based on experiences, scientific foundations and international cooperation. Vietnam welcomes the participation of all stakeholders dealing with these problems and appreciates the international community’s efforts in prevention and control. The Conventions, the 2019 and all other instruments are a central role in developing national and international prevention policies. We support zero-tolerance towards drugs. We pursue a drug-free country to eliminate the root causes of drug evils. Fully support UNODC and other entities. In line with their functions and other state members to combat drugs. We wish the conference fruitful outcomes in the fight against drugs worldwide.

Organization of American States (OAS): Share highlights from the report published by MEM of OAS, which evaluated states’ compliance with our organisation’s strategy on drugs. States were evaluated during 2021 on demand reduction: prevention, treatment and recovery support measures. Significant efforts have been made, including through coordination mechanisms, implementation of ongoing training programmes on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, promotion of care services to low-level criminal offenders as alternatives to imprisonment. Progress needed in reducing stigma, assessing the need of supply and care treatment and reintegration services, regulatory measures, quality standards for treatment and prevention, and monitoring and evaluation of services. IN 2022, MEM evaluates supply reduction: control and counter illicit cultivation, production, trafficking and distribution of drugs, and address their causes and consequences – report delivered at the end of the year. To assist Member States, CICAD works closely with international partners: UNODC Global SMART and CICAD in Latin America. Strengthening INCB support through online training on adequate access to controlled substances to medical/scientific purposes while preventing diversion. WE supported the document on quality assurance on treatment of drug use disorders. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with civil society and other agencies: Inter American Commission on Women.

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