From Civil Society Hearings and Informal Dialogues

Informal Dialogue with the INCB President

[youtube] Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs, international, Jamie Bridge We remain seriously concerned for the safety and wellbeing of our friends, civil society partners, colleagues and people who use – or have used – drugs in Ukraine. This includes the clear threats to existing drug services, and the disruption of existing treatments and the …

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Informal Dialogue: CND Chair

[youtube] Matej Košir, Deputy Chairperson, Vienna NGO Committee (VNGOC) (Moderator): Welcome to the Informal Dialogue, where all questions will be asked online. We received 11 questions. Ambassador Ghislain D-hoop, Belgium (CND Chair): I attach a lot of importance with civil society and actually, I think we should have it more often. I’m available throughout the year, so …

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