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Resolution L3 – Ensuring access to drug treatment, education, after-care, rehabilitation, and social reintegration services, for people within marginalized populations (cont.)

Chair: Welcome back to the Committee of the Whole. I hope you all had a good night and everybody is ready, in good spirits, and in constructive spirits. Last night, resolution six by Nigeria was agreed in the committee and submitted to the Plenary. As soon as the English version is available, it will be posted on …

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Committee of the Whole (Afternoon session) Resolution L.5: Promoting quality, affordable, scientific evidence-based and comprehensive drug prevention and treatment services

Chair: We will continue considerations of L5. Colleague from Portugal, could you inform us of progress in informals? (…) I’m informed that Portugal is not with us at the moment. That is the problem of not being in the same room. Perhaps colleagues from Peru? Also not in the room. I have to make a …

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Plenary – Item 3. General debate

Nigeria: Nigeria has continued to adopt drug control policies and strategies to respond to emerging and evolving realities policy that is anchored on the National Drug Control Master Plan [DCMP]. First introduced in 1999 then revised to 2021 – 2025. This is an integrated and balanced policy, which combines law enforcement, and the promotion of public …

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Committee of the Whole – Monday afternoon

-L2- Chair: Checking the substantive issues with the resolutions. Tabled by the USA. Any problems with title? Russia: The title- would request should put in brackets, look at whole resolution then come back to ensure it responds to main body of the resolution. Chair: Thank you. Argentina: Change the word ‘Combat’ with ‘counter’. The Netherlands: Title …

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