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Side event: Drug policy and human rights: Perspectives from Latin America

(Event in Spanish) Pablo Cymermarn, Intercambios A.C.:  Llevamos organizando este evento hace  muchos años. Desde que los eventos satélites han sido promovidos en la CND. Este evento está también apoyado por FIOCRUZ, INNPD, PBPD, REDUC, ACEID, IDPC, HRI, International Indigenous Drug Policy Alliance. Victoria Darraidu, CELS: Sobre el escenario argentino, es relevante mencionar la persistencia …

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Side event: “The war on drugs”, militarisation and states of emergency: Measures to address these critical human rights challenges

Side event organised by the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales with the support of Colombia, Czechia, Paraguay, Switzerland, Uruguay, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the World Health Organization, the Centro de Estudios de Derecho Justicia y Seguridad, Elementa Derechos Humanos, the …

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Side-Event: Ending Gender-Based Violence for Women and Gender Non-Conforming People who Use Drugs

Gloria Lai: Welcome to the side event: Ending Gender Based Violence Against Women and Gender Nonconforming People who Use Drugs. To start, Elizabeth Wilde, First Assistant Secretary, Development Policy Division, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Australia, will be making opening remarks via video Elizabeth Wilde: Australia is pleased to give support to this event. …

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Side event: Eliminating Structural Racism against Africans and people of African Descent in drug policy legal frameworks and practice

Organised by the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (CELS) Asociación Civil with the support of the International Service for Human Rights Luciana Pol, Senior Fellow Security Policy & Human Rights CELS: Customary comment in these events is to say that this is a timely debate. However, in this case, we cannot say that because …

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Plenary Item 7. Inter-agency cooperation and coordination of efforts in addressing and countering the world drug problem

Chair: The commission has before it conference room paper ECN 720 21 (?) and note by the Secretariat of interagency cooperation and coordination of efforts in addressing and countering the world drug problem. Pursuant to commission resolution 51/14 relevant decisions of UNAIDS are transmitted to the Commission in a note by the Secretariat on promoting …

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