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The Western European and Others Group (WEOG)

CND 64th Reconvened Session – 10th December 2021

<Technical issues> Mexico: (…) in recent days, we have seen how a number of delegations have sought to influence the Secretariat and to censor documentation, frankly, violating article 100 of the UN charter. Which should we fail to recall is not only an international treaty, but rather it is ´the´ international treaty that depends on …

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CND Intersessional, 16 October 2017: Chapter 3 on supply reduction, law enforcement, responses to drug-related crime and countering money laundering

Amb. Bente Angell-Hansen, CND Chair: I welcome all attending for joining us in this important work, as well as the panellists on this session. I invite the meeting to adopt the provisional agenda. It is adopted. In order to use our time effectively, I’d like to start this meeting with Agenda Item 2 on the …

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UNGASS Special Segment Day 4 – Interactive Discussion Alternative development; regional, interregional and international cooperation on development-oriented, balanced drug control policy; addressing socioeconomic issues

UNODC Introduction. The UNGASS provides a unique opportunity to assess what work and what doesn’t when addressing the drug problem, including in the area of alternative development. Member states clearly view alternative development as a vital pillar of any strategy. One major challenge is that starting in 2009, official development assistance for alternative development has decreased, …

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UNGASS Special Segment Day 3 – Interactive discussion on Cross-cutting issues: New challenges, threats and realities in preventing and addressing the world drug problem in compliance with relevant international law

UNODC Introduction – New challenges have emerged in recent years related to new harmful substances and new trafficking route, and new trafficking modus operandi. Successes can be claimed in terms of reduced illicit cultivation and improved treatment services. But, challenges remain in ensuring the right balance in reduction of both demand and supply. Some of the challenges …

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